Hatfield College's Famous Trip to Rome

In 2010 Anno Domini, Hatfield College JCR went on a trip to Rome to see the Pope, as we are so famous and well known and our chums' old man has contacts in the Vatican. Like any Hatfield trip it obviously started with top banter and getting lashed in the airport. Throckwaddle chundered all over the security guard. Trocky almost had to leave us after that, but fortunately his pater made the right phone calls and with a bit of pocket change he was fine.

What could've been

The plane journey was hilar. Jonny Jollyballs had messed up his booking and ended up in pleb class. He looked like a right mong! He got sat to some annoying twat from state school on an exchange trip. Jollyballs had to keep pouring the cheap in flight champers over him to show who was the alpha. The rest of us obviously got the not so bad first class section, although it was terrible compared to my Global 7000 (which was being repaired due to too much banter on the way to the Big NY). We all had so much champers that it was almost like the Durham champers ball back in the day. Our banter was so unreal that the twats around us thought we were the bees knees.

Bit shit.

We landed in Rome and went straight off to see our old chum the Pope. We got to the Vatican and someone's folks had made arrangements so we went past all the proletariat standing in line and waiting to see things. We got taken through some shitty looking chapel so Nutso grabbed the communion wine and necked it while everyone was praying. What a mad lad. All those monks were too busy being boring to appreciate his unreal banter so we just had to give him a clap on the back and move on.

Best looking Cardinal I've ever seen.

Things started go tits up after this when we found out that it was only a cardinal that had been compensated and we couldn't get straight to the Pope. We had some banter about him wearing a dress and being a pussy (which he didn't seem to like) and he went off to get the Pope for us.

He came back after a few minutes and said that the Pope didn't want to see us, and had told us to


Nutso didn't like that so he chundered everywhar.