Our Common Rooms

Excuse the name, we're not actually common.

As the most prestigious college in Durham, we strive to provide our resident clients with a thriving community to provide the feeling of acceptance and friendship appropriate for the fees we charge. This service is divided into three common rooms.

Typical JCR Member

Typical JCR Member

Junior Common Room

Junior in age, senior in banter

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the largest and probably most vibrant part of college life. It has a membership of about 750 stand up chaps (led by an elected “Top Lad”). As a member of the JCR you’re entitled to try to play for any one of our sporting teams or clubs. Of course, most people will not be accepted as our outreach and scholarship team is committed to scouting out deeply deprived areas like Kenya, Jamaica, Samoa ,and Hull for talented plebs who we then spend 10 years developing into a close approximation of a moneyed gent so they can play for our teams without raising suspicion. The JCR also runs a welfare service and organizes balls, formals, and trips and excursions like our trip to Rome.

Most clients get involved due to the far reach of the JCR in daily college life. This leads to an astounding level of varied banter due to our wide intake from schools like Eton, Harrow as well as less prestigious institutions like Dulwich College or even Latymer Upper School. Your background needn’t matter, so long as you’re able to contribute to our banterous culture.

Inter JCR / MCR Meeting

Inter JCR / MCR Meeting

Middle Common Room

The centre of bantertainment

The Middle Common Room (MCR) is where our graduated banter artists go to further their studies. We also recruit particularly banterous students from other colleges in Durham or, if we can afford it that season, key players from Oxbridge colleges (this is easier when current clients can convince their chums Archie and Raffie that Hatfield is basically Magdalen v2.0).

MCR clients keep the community well balanced by ruling on what is or is not acceptable banter content, sometimes even providing their expertise on how to avoid genuine academic work.

More information about the MCR can be found here.

Standard SCR Member doing their job

Standard SCR Member doing their job

Senior Common Room

Too young for a cemetery, too old for the retirement homes

The SCR is largely full of boring ex-lads who hold ceremonial authority so as to maintain the appearance of responsibility / accountability to outside eyes. Despite remembering their days as youthful clients of our societies or other similar institutions, they insist on ruining good fun, banning certain socials and generally getting in the way. That said, nothing they order tends to stick, so we let them continue to exist.