Parent Information

In multiple studies Durham students have been found to be incredibly Safe and Hatfieldians were found to be the Safest. Rest assured, by coming to Hatfield your son or daughter will be Safe. In the cases where they are not Safe we shall instruct them on how to relax and be cool. We do this not only for your offspring, but so that we can continue to hold this prestigious title.

Support at Hatfield

It can sometimes be difficult for your heirs to acclimatise to their new life in the north. Occasionally things can get a bit stressful. But do not worry! Our JCR runs a 24 / 7 welfare drinks service and our college holds weekly piss ups.

Like my old man always said, “If it can’t be solved by drinking, it’s not a problem worth thinking.” Unfortunately he never could quite correct his hepatic insufficiency.

Fees and Finance

While the University sets fees centrally, we at Hatfield understand that those are meant for the hill colleges and thus we choose not to abide by them. To provide the highest quality of accommodation and to commensurate with your School’s fees there is an additional Hatfield fee applied on top of the centrally set accommodation fees.

If your family have come under financial pressure due to the Brexit turmoil, we are very proud to offer the Sea Lion’s Den option.

If you have any further questions regarding the financial side of university, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will try to negotiate the most appropriate solution to your troubles.


Due to pressure from the surrounding locals and the increasing value of artefacts being brought to college by the esteemed future lords and ladies, this academic year we will be introducing a new insurance for your personal belongs. The cost of this will be included in the accommodation fees and will cover everything from your family’s Winchester to their Apple Watch.

Term Dates

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