Kind Words

Below is a stunning selection of the kind words we have received from the complaint form.

This drivel is both inaccurate and deeply scarring. Why do you use that picture of the Bully Boys at the bottom of your site? Can't you stop rubbing it in my nose that, just because my daddy's wallet isn't big enough to make up for my lack of brain cells, I can't go to Oxford? It's already bad enough knowing I'm worth less than JT or Shagger. I already bought the uniform before I got my results. Now it just sits in the corner of my room in its own little shrine reminding me of my failure. Best go get lashed.

Frederick Mahler Certainly not the North

There appears to be another site claiming to be Hatfield JCR. I bet it's those peasants at Stockton trying to achieve our high levels of Banter again.

General Sir High Commander of the Watch House of Lords

This website is an affront to Durham and Hatfield's principles on inclusivity and trust. What if a Durham fresher mistook this website for the actual

Arbitary Hatfieldian Hatfield SCR

good shit go౦ԁ sHit thats ✔ some goodshit rightthere right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self  i say so  thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ  НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ        Good shit

Branderdunk Cubblesnitch Somalia

Hilarious and 100% factual. definitely reflects everything my mate Steve told me about Hatfield College. Particularly thought the description of their bogs was interesting.

Jamie J St Mary's College, Durham

I get all my facts about Hatfield College from All of this stuff is top brass and factual.

Steve C Van Mildert College, Durham