Expect a thorough inspection

Expect a thorough inspection

This is it gentlemen. The day in which we enact revenge on the Castle for thinking they’re better than us for having a Castle and a better ball.

In the Easter term, with the exams over, our plans are ready.

We begin the offensive by mustering within the gates of Hatfield. Here, where lesser beings cry out of tune memories of our conquests of Rome, we ready the war cries that shall make ivory towers shake with terror.

We march up the hill to Palace green where the Top Lad performs an inspection of the troops and speaks the ceremonial war speech. Once, a previous Top Lad (Sarah Dutton-George) dared to deviate from the traditional words of the speech leading to the great Dutton-George mutiny.

We then charge the gates of the castle, chant about how we’re much better lads than them, then retire to Hatfield and get pissed all day.