Governance and Exec


JCR meetings are a thing that the College imposed on us to ensure we stay accountable, or something like that. Basically, we all go to the bar, get a little bit drunk, say a few things, and some super serious kids present their articulated opinion on the pseudo legal speak of paragraph 1 in section VII on page 33 of the standing orders with regards to the remuneration of the executive committee (as presented here without comment) and whether of not it falls foul of minimum wage law due to stating that it is a payment, thus implying that it is an employment ipso facto should technically bring all benefits and responsibilities that employment has attached to it both from the employee and employers’ point of view. You know, something boring.

If no lads have managed to conquer the Sealion’s Den, we have an election to see who is the Top Lad. We have many rules defining who can and cannot stand and have written them down in a 40-page document somewhere. We’re not quite sure where because we weren’t elected based on our knowledge of the document. We’re just Top Lads.

The Executive Committee

The exec for this academic year is as follows:

Top Lad | George Bumbleworth

Runs the show

Vice Lad (Fun Police) | Henry Didly-Squat

Ruins the show

Dad’s Lad | Florence Goldsmith

Pays the show

Together, they form the First TriLadirate who are really important and run everything. You need to know who these people are.

The other exec roles are:

Man Up OfficerBen Dover

Gives you condoms and a stern pat on the back.

Communities Officer | David Davies

Ensures that the surrounding communities aren’t as banterous as us.

Top Lass | Alice Bee

Writes the minutes for meetings and does whatever the Top Lad says.

Archbishop of Banterbury | Wigby Dalker

Gives the weekly banter sermons

Livers-Out MasterHeston Blumenthal

Correctly prepares livers for take-aways

Facilities Officer | Unfilled Position

Facilitates your transition into the real world

JCR ThroneJeffrey Lancaster

Thrones the JCR meetings. Technically impartial, but he doesn’t like people from York.