The Fawwshion Clique

On Wednesdays we wear nothing

On Wednesdays we wear nothing

Every now and then it’s important to show off how rich and attractive we are. We do this by asking all of the really banterous lads to pay £190 per person to watch a bunch of incredibly well toned lads skimp around in their birthday suits. It’s not homosexual, because we also invite a few hot babes along. It’s not misogynistic because we donate the funds to a charity.

We firmly believe that as long as all profits go to charitable causes, anything goes. Cross-dressing, groping, blacking up, and (to the most serious disapproval of those lefty-“do-gooders” at the DSU) cultural appropriation are all considered “Top Banter”. It’s OK, because we only do it for one evening.

The three organisers (four if you count that new girl returning from Africa) will be scouting for “models” to join them during Freshers’ Week.

They’ll contact you if you’re hot. Until then, assume you are ugly. Because you probably are.

The date of the Fashion “Show” often varies but traditionally is held on a Wednesday.