We have the best accommodation

Grade I

Hatfield college has a wide range of grade I listed accommodation to offer (such as those seen above), to fit all tastes of students coming. At the pinnacle of our range, we have entire floors of manor houses available. Unfortunately, you will have to share the house itself with other students, but most students consider the space large enough to fit their own staff without coming into contact with another undergraduate. If your neighbours are judged to be too poor for your liking, the JCR offers an appeal system in the form of a trial by combat: the victor adds the floor of the defeated party to their own grounds. The current price for this service is £18,000 pa.

Eton Package

Slightly less expensive is our Eton Package. It’s perfect for the non-Harrovian contingent of our JCR. This entails residence in a study purpose built to recreate the atmosphere of Eton (or Wycombe Abbey for non-male students) fully equipped with staff trained to look like fags from your old school days. Examples of this accommodation can be found in your old school prospectus. The fees for this set can change as they are set to be commensurate with Eton College fees in order to ease the transition between that fine institution and the outside world. We are unable to make sure that your chums like Archie and Raffy come up to visit you while they continue their own studies at Magdalen, Oxford. Currently this service runs at £16,000 pa.

Shared Rooms

The most commonly taken accommodation type in our college is shared rooms (see picture). This is a tried and true method for shaping the future through allying rich houses together. Sharing a room for a year with a similarly moneyed gent can be a magnificent way to forge friendships. This is perfect for building new contacts in the world of business where the two of you will almost certainly be installed as CEOs (or similar) after graduating from Durham. Alternatively, if the chap (or chapette) sharing your room is not a true gent, you’re sure to be left with an abundance of blackmail material by the time they leave, and you can get your start that way. Currently this is going at £11,000 pa.

Into the Lion's Den

If you don’t have the money to pay for all of that, this shouldn’t be a problem. This is, after all, a college where any family with royal ties deserves to be able to come. The college recently opened its lion pits (home of the sealions emblazoned on our shield) to the JCR. Students who lack the funds to pay for one of our other packages will be allowed to sleep and eat in the pits with the lions. It’s a very competitive opportunity – you’ll have to be assertive to get any of the food, and an experience likely to transform you into a brand new person, or at least remove old parts of you. The JCR constitution also officially states that any student who successfully tames the pride leader will be instated as Top Lad with immediate effect. What’s more, this package is completely free of charge!

Pace Manor Update

Please find an update on the renovations to Pace Manor here.